About CMC Labs





A consulting firm born to bring innovation to companies

The Cambridge Management Consulting Labs is an exclusive firm for strategy and managament consulting providing "End-to-End" approach from strategy to scouting on R&D and International Innovation Centers capable to provide clients with an actionable business insight.

Our track record is the distincitve feature: the significant business experience of our Senior Advisors covering all areas from operations and tactical strategy design to implementation contribute to the growth and development of international Best Practices.

Our Philosophy

CMC Labs Senior Advisors, as opinion leaders of their industry, provide a distinctive understanding on emerging issues, business scenarios and market trends, supported by actionable recommendations to address challenges and opportunities coming from an ever-changing world.

Our mission is to create impact thourgh innovation. We will never stay away from this goal!

Our Culture

We believe in...


International and eterogeneous team of Senior Advisors, Analyst and Scientistic coming from different backgrounds and industries.


Cross disciplinary education thanks to professionals operating in reasearch departments and centers for excellence of the most prestigious universities.


Senior Advisors with proven track-record and a team of Scientists with strong techinical skills capable to detect high value data.

Partnership and network

Partnerships with prominent Research Professors in Europe, USA and Israel combined with the access to Cambridge labs network allows our clients to enlarge their business opportunities.

Our Approach

"End-to-end" approach from R&D and International Innovation Centers

  1. Strategy and Management consulting
  2. R&D and International Innovation Centers
  3. Technology Development

Tangible results in the short term with lasting effects in the long term

What make us different

Our distinctive features...

We acquire ideas from international innovation centers for excellence shaping them into concrete results for our clients

Our priority is to strenghten our clients strategic vision

Speed and concreteness are our main pillars for value creation

We proactively build the relationship with our clients

We engage our clients continously during the projects highlighting risks and responsabilites

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