The CMC Labs at a glance

A consulting firm born to bring innovation to companies​


The Cambridge Management Consulting Labs is an exclusive firm for strategy and managament consulting providing "End-to-End" approach from strategy to scouting on R&D and International Innovation Centers capable to provide clients with an actionable business insight.

Our mission is to create impact through innovation. We will never stay away from this goal!


Our expertise stems from on field experience to strong capabilites and deep industry knowledge empowering us to provide advisory services on the following practices

Financial Services

Deep expertise with a non "vertical approach" to our clients in order to achieve the most creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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Energy and Utilities

Tools and strategies to improve operational efficiency, protect revenues, reduce uncertainties and complexities in order to mantain and increase their competitive advantage.

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Telecommunication & Media

Find solutions to address the new industry issues as the decrease in telecom services demand, the costraints in network capacities.

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Healthcare spending is increasing year by year. We help companies not only to increase the value delivered to their clients but also to be financially competitive and to adopt cost-effective strategies.

Big Data & Marketing Analytics

Companies are overwhelmed with a massive amount of data. We provide our clients with the necessary tools and knowledge to turn Big Data overload into a big competitive advantage.

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Tech Lab

Technology & Methodology innovation based on strong skills and capabilities. We help our customer to become very fast according to business & market needs.

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Innovation can boost company growth

A company can grow through an effective innovation strategy.

Every step of our value chain is supported by collaborations with international innovation labs headquartered in U.S.A. and Israel markets

New Bussines Idea

Hosting disruptive business models
Defining innovation target


Innovative products & services

Design and implementation of new products and services with high business and scaling potential

R &D, Startup, incubator

Investing in R&D programme, startup incubator, funding, university
Partnership for prototyping, test market

Our Expertise

The CMC Labs provides support and helps companies achieving longlasting results.
Find out more about our core competences and activities.

Strategy Innovation

Innovation management

Innovation Development

Join Venture

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